100 horas

100 hours of activism

In times when raising your voice in the face of injustice can incur personal costs; the activist emerges as a knight committed to a cause, an idea, giving his or her time and talent in search of a society united for the greater good.

Activism requires strength, courage and, above all, vocation, which demands maintaining intellectual integrity and constant academic renewal. An activist must remain alert to the changing demands of the issue, to discern and discuss opposing ideas, and, unfortunately, to counter the disillusion that is sometimes created in the fight against irrationality. Someday, the inequities will be eradicated, but it will not be until more people decide to take action on the issue, in other words, until we want to become activists.

100 Hours of Activism celebrates its third year of existence, having reached 117 talks- debates in its last edition, both in Mexico and Argentina. This year, we want to continue this dynamic in which we call on NGOs, activists, public officials, academics and graduate students to donate an hour of their time to participate in talks and debates about Gender Studies and Human Rights, in relation to the films that make it into the official selection of MICGénero 2018.

By participating, those interested not only bring knowledge; they also become agents of change, as they convey their experience on these themes, bringing a social transformation that could not be achieved only with the screening.

This year, the goal is to once again reach 100 functions-debates and, of course, enrich the perspective of the attendees.

We invite you to meet them!