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Master classes

With a deep commitment to democratize knowledge and promote Human Rights and Gender Studies, MICGénero opens its doors to prominent researchers and artists, both national and international, in order to stimulate the dialogue among the public and thus create a thoughtful and analytic community about this social juncture.

At MICGénero we strongly believe that research been held in academic environments, cultural institutions, NGO and Government Agencies is of vital importance to the configuration of ethical and fair democracies. Creating a gateway for these ideas so they can reach a wider audience is a task we perform with great sense of responsibility.

In order to achieve this goal, at MICGénero we have hosted presentations by artists and specialists such as Paula Bonet, Buck Angel, Regina José Galindo, Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, and Marta Lamas, with the sole purpose of sharing their knowledge and experiences. Through these exchanges, MICGénero promotes the constructions of an analytic and participating inclusive knowledge society.