GenderLab/Work in Progress

GenderLab/Work in Progress


Provide counseling, workshops and technical and theoretical tools in order to support filmmakers, scriptwriters and independent film producers to develop and complete their audiovisual projects with Genders Perspective.


To be the architects of an international cinematographic infrastructure that promotes fair and propitious conditions for the development of an inclusive cinema with Genders Perspective for the vulnerable and destitute.


To have two annual calls for entries aimed to filmmakers that are at a preproduction and postproduction stage, in order to successfully complete their projects and be part of MICGénero. Additionally, MICGénero gathers together professional international filmmakers and Gender and Human Rights Studies specialist to provide mentoring to emerging talents.


There is an interest among filmmakers to portrait stories revolving around feminism, sexual and reproductive health, civil resistance, and sexual diversity. These kind of artistic works constitute the visual memory of lawlessness, criticize the status quo, name invisible groups, empower citizens, and promote actions towards a fairer society.

Unfortunately, the traditional film industry poses many obstacles for these works to reach an audience. In order to help them be fully developed and see the light, MICGénero decided to open a space devoted to independent film productions where the most controversial stories and critics can find an alternative to begin and finish their production.